Standing in my bedroom, utterly exhausted, with my bra attached to my nipple…

Seriously, what if I’ve come all this way to fail at the final hurdle?
September 20, 2018
Everyone needs a Karl Clancy in their lives………
September 20, 2018
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It seems like an age since I last wrote my blog. I hadn’t intended it to be so long. I just didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t because I wasn’t training, it was just because my head was in the wrong place and I felt that anything I was going to put down here was going to be a moan.

Enough time has gone by now that I feel it’s ok to moan freely again!! Nah, to be fair things have gone pretty well for me. I’m now able to swim 2km in the pool and we sure as hell couldn’t have said that at the start of this journey…..

So I look a little less like this now and a little more like Michael Phelps Scottish cousin!

The cycling is going not bad either but man does my saddle take all the craic out of it! I had a lovely wee spin on Saturday morning with an old friend Adele Hall. We did the 40km loop from my house and it was great to have the company, I’m doing my very first sprint triathlon with her this weekend and I can’t wait, she has a wonderful positive outlook on life and is great to be around. I also had company on a spin on Sunday morning. Liam Sweeney took me out and I made it over a hill someone suggested I wouldn’t manage so I felt like a total machine when I got home!! At the time not so much…..I think I lost a lung and I can honestly say I was saying some pretty mean things about Liam behind his back (literally) but I was all over liking him again by the time I got home!

Running sucks. I’m not sure if it’s running or my running but I’m desperate at it! Been doing a few runs with my running coach/counsellor George……I enlisted him rather than him me so the poor fecker just has to put up with me! He recently did a race of ridiculous lengths, something like 100km so now is the optimum time to hit him up for a run, he’s on a go slow. We’ve been doing the cliff walk near by and hopefully that will stand to me as I’m hoping most races will be flatter than that. I’ve had lots of rather amusing stuff going on in the background lately so in return for the company and running advice George gets a good laugh off my chat and the runs pass easier! I still hate running though.

The sea swimming is still a royal pain in the ass. I has another wetsuit episode. It was a week past Monday. I wore my own wetsuit (how dare I!!) in an open water swim lesson with Corinna. I was all lubed up with my sudacream and drugged up with my antihistamine but still that bloody suit was out to get me! FOUR times I’ve sterilised it!!! By Monday night I was burning up in areas and by Tuesday morning I had to reach for the steroids as the weeping (my body not me!) began. I’d only signed up to Dublin (oh yeah I meant to say I signed up to the half Ironman in Dublin! Ek!!) on the Sunday night after a bad days training (puked in the pool and had a nosebleed on the cycle) and now this was happening! I was gutted. I have to admit that the lowest point of this whole journey was me standing in my room, holding my bra which was attached to my nipple trying to find anyway possible to get it off without the pain……I just had to pull… was horrific. I was about to burst out crying when I just started to laugh, roaring laughing……..tears in my eyes from laughing. How ridiculous this whole journey has been, you couldn’t make it up and I’m standing in my room after all the horrible things that have happened to me, after all the upset I’ve had in my private life, all the worry over how I’m going to survive financially and exhaustion that comes from training for tri, training a horse and making a living……….how bloody ridiculous is was that I had gotten to the point I was standing in my bedroom, utterly exhausted, with my bra attached to my nipple…..

I’m back riding out.

My horse has had a nice break in the field and looks more like a pregnant mare than a racehorse!! Now…if you have ever gone back riding after a bit of a break you will understand… hurts like hell!! I laugh when people post up memes about leg day…….they know nothing! So first of all you really need to plan ahead with toilet breaks……NEVER leave it until the last minute…..I’m telling you, you won’t make the seat in time! (I suppose guys could use that advice too!), hair washing too……you will not be lifting your hands above the shoulders for a couple of days so either tuck your head down to the chest, which requires a lot of blowing out the nose if you’re in the shower or you’ll drown yourself….if you haven’t any social occasions it might be for the best just to go dirty for a day or two!

So with the horse back in action there is no rest day at all. I’m generally getting in at least one, if not two training sessions a day plus a spin on the horse. I’m not sticking to a training plan but I think I’ll find one to follow after my sprint tri at the weekend. It’s my first open water swim in competition so it will be great practice……I’m still terrified of swimming in open water though so a panic attack developing into cardiac arrest could be the next thing on the cards……watch this space…

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