If I can get my rash guard over my big belly….

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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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It’s two weeks since I wrote my blog and that’s an indication that things are really just not going my way!

Nearly two weeks ago I completed the Streets of Dublin 5km race and although I ran a little over excitedly at the beginning (I was just so annoyingly excited to be back in action!!) I finished with my best recorded time over 5km. I was freakin delighted with myself and here’s a pic of myself and my swimming partner Sophie Imarzouk

Its weird looking at that photo because I have just showered and I can tell you I am about twice the size of myself there right now!!

So feirce excited after the run I hit the pool for a couple of days then combined a couple of codes on the Wednesday. I rode out my horse, went for a swim and did 30 lengths (I say that so casually but seriously I’m sitting here with a smug grin on my face……I DID THIRTY LENGTHS…..still can’t believe I can swim!!) then I went out for a spin on the bike with Corinna Nolan (who had just done 80 lengths…..she was so nice to wait until I asked how many…..not like me boasting away!!)

We did 50km, at around 30km I realised that my tri suit certainly doesn’t have enough padding in it for my hard seat and by 50km I wanted to throw my bike in a ditch and waddle away! Corinna totally kicked my ass on that spin but I expected it…..she’s training hard and I hadn’t been on the bike for 5 weeks. I’m not going to lie…..I didn’t regain full feeling in my downstairs for about three days…..much to the amusement of my friends. I get zero sympathy when I tell them what my poor downstairs area has to go through in my quest to be Ironman……shame they hadn’t made that part Iron!! …….wonder if I could engineer something…

So last Thursday I was back with the doctor for prep for a sea swim attempt on Friday……I left fairly confident with steroids, anapen and will to survive! Friday morning I donned my new wetsuit over tonnes of Vaseline, my tri suit and rash guard and off I went into the water for ten min swim/splash around (seriously at the stage being an awesome sea swimmer is the least of my worries, I’d settle for doggy paddle if my skin would just get along with all the other bits and pieces!).

I was in A&E again by late Friday night……..I have to admit for entertainment value it’s probably one of the best nights to attend but I’d rather have been on the couch eating chocolate than lying on a trolley with my downstairs attempting it’s best elephant man impression!! Now I will say this time around it was not quite as horrific as the last time and mainly affected my downstairs area (seriously hope you’re not uncomfortable talking about this…..I’m kind of over the fact it’s a personal issue at this stage!!)

The guy who attended to me was actually a triathlete who is training for the Dublin Half this year……he said he’s out injured with his rotator cuff at the minute…….I would have offered my sympathies but I was the one lying there with my bits in bits!!

Obviously it’s better by now but I can tell you something all this is really hard on my head. I’m really good at joking about things and can laugh (inappropriately) about most things but this is hard. I REALLY want to be a triathlete, I really want Ironman and although I came into this with an already extremely broken body (I’ll do a post on past injuries soon) but this…….finding out what this is…..it’s really getting to me. But I will work it out, and just imagine the achievement it will feel………I am awesome (my friend Erica texts me that when I’m feeling defeated) and I WILL DO THIS!! ……….I’m only 6 weeks behind at this stage but next year I WILL do Ironman……and the exciting news is…..I think I’m gonna have someone to do it alongside me now.

In the last week I’ve moved home to Delgany Co.Wicklow and tonight for the first time since last week I took my fat bloated body out for a run. I’ve felt bad all week and my skin has been so sore and bloated from the last five weeks of one drug or another……if I never see another steroid in my life…..

The run/walk/jog/sprint I just did was awesome…..because I could!! Tomorrow I get some results from the first of the tests to find out what is going on and I’m going to hit the pool for the first time since last week…..if I can get my rash guard over my big belly!!

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