I wouldn’t want to prove Cliff Wilkinson wrong….

If I can get my rash guard over my big belly….
September 20, 2018
The very best you can wish for is to complete…
September 20, 2018
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I’d better start by apologising for any mistakes I might make in this blog tonight, I’m up since 5am and my brain has been on over time so my editing skills could be lacking.

Now I feel a little awkward because I just lied…technically it was 5.10am when I got out of bed because I hit the snooze button on my phone to get what always seems like the most important few minutes more, then when it went off again I cancelled it and lay in bed for a further minute wondering why in the ten years of his life I had not taught my horse how to exercise himself and muck his own stable out……..he’s such a smart ass he’d probably pick it up fairly fast.

Had I not dragged my ass out of bed so early I would have missed the beautiful sunrise this morning, besides it was the only exercise I’d penciled in for the day. Check out this photo from this morning…

So I’m back in action…I’m pretty excited about that! I was meant to wait to the end of the week but sure I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I ever did as I was told so on Tuesday I decided to throw on my running gear and go for a wee jog. Now I recently had a heated discussion with a friend Cliff Wilkinson over how I train myself. He said that he thought I was too hard on myself especially when I return from injury (happens a lot…..broken body remember) as I always start where I left off….I was trying to disagree with that statement altogether….in fact I took quite the offence to it. So when I went off for a wee jog the other night I decided I’d do the little 3km loop and just see how I felt……but then I came to the crossroads…and I was nearly sunset…and I won’t be living in the neighbourhood much longer…so I turned left and went up Killiney Hill. It’s a 2km climb from my house to the top…..I nearly died…..I always force myself to run right up until my feet touch the grass at the top but I have to admit the other night I fell short about 50 meters or so. I actually couldn’t get there without slowing to a walk…..my heart felt like it was about to burst out my chest and my lungs were burning……I hate to admit it but I think Cliff might be right about me, but I did catch a lovely view over Dublin just as the sun was setting…

I ran all the way back down too and was none the worse for it after 5 weeks of little or no exercise! I did have a slight panic when I started burning up after it but it didn’t last long and sure it’s my own fault for not being patient enough!

So the next day I went for a swim in the pool! Now that was exciting….I’m still on cover up so I have an odd looking get up in the pool, I look all athlete on the bottom and surfer on the top in my rash vest and shorts suit….surprisingly comfortable to swim in once I got over myself. I did a whole sixteen lengths, you know…..just swimming up and down, doing my thing, looking like a pro that lost her surfboard…..I don’t mean to boast…or maybe I do really but man, I was swimming like a pro. I didn’t swallow one bit of water, no bit of pool entered my nose, it was amazing….I just really can’t believe I can swim. I’m actually considering writing to The Queen to get Corinna Nolan a Damehood (I’m Scottish so it could work) or something for her efforts, I can actually swim!!!

So that’s it, back in the game…..one which I very much wish to continue. I don’t want to put dates on it now because I still need to work out how I’m going to manage the sea swimming part without ending up in hospital every time (can you even imagine how awkward that would be in the middle of an Ironman?). I’m still hoping for the Dublin half this year but if I need to find another one later so be it I just want to work on getting back in the sea without killing myself for now.

So I might need to add some cycle sportives and long running races into my calendar. I actually doing a 5km in a Dublin this Sunday to keep me enthusiastic thanks to the motivational skills of my dear friend Sophie Imarzouk who I learnt to swim with. It might seem a little soon under the circumstances but sure I don’t have to run if I don’t want to but then I wouldn’t want to prove Cliff Wilkinson wrong would I? He’d hate that!

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